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Cochineal Extract

Cochineal Extract

Type:Cochineal Extract
Part:Whole body
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
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What is Cochineal Extract?

Cochineal extract is extracted from the cochineal, specifically the female, a species of insect that belongs to the order entomologists refer to as the "true bugs." (Don't trust any account that calls this bug a beetle — it's not).

This is a food colouring derived from female cochineal beetles. It gives a pink, purple or red colour.

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Basic Information:

Appearancedeep red powder
Ingredientcarminic acid≥50%
Descriptionextract from female dactylopius coccus
Advantagegood heat and light resistance
Physicochemical propertysoluble in water, ethanol and propylene glycol
Gradefood grade, cosmetic grade
Typical applicationbeverage, ice-cream, ham, sausage, biscuit, cake, cosmetics
Storagein closed containers, in cool and dry place
Standardexport standard
Shelf life24 months

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Cochineal Extract Benefits:

Traditionally, cochineal extract was used for coloring fabrics. During the colonial period, with the introduction of sheep to Latin America, the use of cochineal increased, as it provided the most intense color and it set more firmly on woolen garments than on clothes made of materials of pre-Hispanic origin such as cotton or agave and yucca fibers. In general, cochineal is more successful on protein-based animal fibres (including silk) than plant-based material. Once the European market discovered the qualities of this product, the demand for it increased dramatically. By the beginning of the 17th century, it was traded internationally. Cochineal extract halal became strong competition for other colorants such as madder root, kermes, Polish cochineal, Armenian cochineal, brazilwood, and Tyrian purple, as they were used for dyeing the clothes of kings, nobles, and the clergy. For the past several centuries, it was the most important insect dye used in the production of hand-woven oriental rugs, almost completely displacing lac. It was also used for painting, handicrafts, and tapestries.[13] Cochineal-colored wool and cotton are important materials for Mexican folk art and crafts.

Cochineal extract is used as a fabric and cosmetics dye and as a natural food coloring. It is also used in histology as a preparatory stain for the examination of tissues and carbohydrates. In artists' paints, carmine and cochineal extract has been replaced by synthetic reds and is largely unavailable for purchase due to poor lightfastness. Natural carmine dye used in food and cosmetics can render the product unacceptable to vegetarian or vegan consumers. Many Muslims consider carmine-containing food forbidden (haraam) because the dye is extracted from insects and all insects except the locust are haraam in Islam. Jews also avoid food containing this additive, though it is not treif, and some authorities allow its use because the insect is dried and reduced to powder.

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