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[Product Name]: C-Phycocyanin, (C-PC)
[English Name]: C-Phycocyanin, (C-PC)
[Source]: blue algae, such as spirulina
[Properties]: blue lyophilized powder, special fresh scent, soluble in water, and red fluorescence
[Purity Display]: Amax/A280
[Maximum Characteristic Absorption Peak]: λ620±5 nm
[Fluorescence Excitation Peak]: λ647 nm
[Specification]: for food (Amax/A280>0.7), for medical use (Amax/A280>2.0),
Reagent grade (Amax/A280>4.0)
[Executive Standard]: enterprise standard
Odour: With natural fresh spirulina flavor
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

1.What is C-Phycocyanin?

C-phycocyanin is a protein-bound pigment soluble in water and found in some blue-green microalgae such as Spirulina, which is used in many countries as a dietary supplement. According to Romay et al. (1998b), phycocyanin shows anti-inflammatory activity in four experimental models of inflammation. It reduced significantly and in a dose-dependent manner ear edema induced by arachidonic acid and tetradecanoyl phorbol acetate in mice as well as carrageenan-induced rat paw oedema in intact and adrenalectomized animals. Moreover, phycocyanin also exerted an inhibitory effect in the cotton pellet granuloma test.

C-Phycocyanin (C-PC)1 occurs as the major phycobiliprotein in many cyanobacteria and as a secondary phycobiliprotein in some red algae. The pigment has a single visible absorption maximum at 620 nm and a fluorescence emission maximum at ~642 nm. It shows two bands corresponding to α (21,360 Da) and β (18,980 Da) subunits on SDS-PAGE2. These two subunits usually occur in equal numbers, but the exact number of α and β pairs may vary among the species.

C Phycocyanin

2.Basic Information:

Product name

Phycocyanin Spirulina (Spirulina Extract)

Latin name

Spirulina platensis

Place of Origin

Shaanxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia

Part used


Active Ingrdients



Water Soluble


Blue Spirulina, Chloella Phycocyanin Spirulina Powder


Phycocyanin E18, E25 Blue powder

Color Value(10%E618nm)>250unit

Test method:

*Color Value(10%E618nm)=Absorbance(at 618nm)×100/0.25g Measure 0.25g of

Phycocyanin and dissolve it into the 100ml of the buffer solution adjusted PH6.0 using volumetric

flask correctly. Then dilute the solution 10times and measure the absorbance at 618nm using the cell

which is 1cm in thickness.

c-phycocyanin benefits

3. C-Phycocyanin Benefits

Phycocyanin can promote animal blood cell regeneration, improve lymphocyte activity and lymphatic system to improve immune function, and comprehensively enhance the disease resistance of the body 73. In addition, C-phycocyanin could inhibit TGF-β1-induced EMT and C-PC might be a potential anti-fibrosis drug

  1. C-Phycocyanin has found numerous applications in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry. It is used primarily in the latter as a natural coloring agent.

  2. C Phycocyanin is used in the coloring of fermented milk products, ice creams, chewing gum, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, desserts, cake decoration, milk shakes, etc.

  3. C Phycocyanin is used in the coloring of cosmetics.

  4. C-Phycocyanin is used as a fluorescent marker in immunological studies.

  5. Consumption of phycocyanin in the form of spirulina or supplement leads to optimal health. In the current situation where the environment is full of toxins from pollution from oil, gas, heavy metals and nuclear isotopes, consumption of spirulina/phycocyanin is highly beneficial.

  6. C-Phycocyanin is available in spray dried powder form.


  • C Phycocyanin Powder has powerful anti-inflammatory properties;

  • It is used to protect and improves liver function;

  • It is a powerful anti-oxidant radical, protect cells against DNA damage;

  • It is a water-soluble pigment, non-toxic, pure, lovely clear, can be used as a food coloring agent, cosmetic additives.

5. Packing & Storage & Price

Packing: 20kg/carton, foil bag packing.

1Kg/Bag, aluminum foil bag packing

Or customized.
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life: 24 months for powder

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