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Bromelain Powder Bulk

Bromelain Powder Bulk

Product Name:Bromelain Powder
CAS No.: 9001-00-7
EINECS No.:253-387-5
Storage Condition: 20°C
Grade: food grade & pharmaceutical grade
Active ingredients: bromelain
Active Unit:300000iu-1250000iu/gm
Use Part : Stem
Appearance: white yellow fine powder
Mesh size: 90% pass 100 mesh
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
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What is Bromelain Powder Bulk?

Bromelain powder bulk is not a single substance, but rather a collection of enzymes and other compounds. It is a mixture of sulfur-containing protein-digesting enzymes—called proteolytic enzymes or proteases—and several other substances in smaller quantities including: peroxidase, acid phosphatase, protease inhibitors, and calcium.

Some studies of animals indicate that bromelain (applied to the surface of the skin) may be useful in removing dead tissue from third-degree burns (particularly burns that go through all layers of the skin).

Bromelain bulk powder can be used to dissolve dead skin cells and this makes it great for a natural exfoliant that can be used on the face or body to get rid of older skin cells that keep newer skin cells from replacing them.

bromelain bulk powder

Basic Information:

AppearanceLight yellow powderComplies
Sieve Analysis100% pass 80 meshComplies
Loss on Drying5% Max.3.1%
Heavy Metal5ppm MaxComplies
As2ppm MaxComplies
Residual Solvents0.05% Max.Complies

Total Plate Count1000/g MaxComplies
Yeast & Mold100/g MaxComplies

bromelain powder bulk benefits

Bromelain Powder Bulk Benefits:

1. Reduces Swelling and Redness

Bromelain powder bulk was approved in Europe as an effective remedy for swelling after surgery. Research shows that the bromelain enzyme may lower swelling, stop bruising, speed up healing time, and reduce discomfort following surgical procedures. One double-blind study of over 150 women who received episiotomies (surgical cuts in the perineum) during childbirth, found that women given large servings of oral bromelain over a period of three days, beginning four hours after delivery, showed a huge decrease in swelling, and discomfort.[3] Ninety percent of women taking the supplement showed excellent recovery compared to 44% of women in the placebo group.

2. Eases Sinus Discomfort

Bromelain is one of the most popular supplements in European countries such as Germany, where it is commonly used for sinus discomfort. Some research suggests that bromelain is effective at reducing discomfort and swelling.

3. Assists Burn and Wound Recovery

Due to its beneficial properties, bromelain bulk powder has long been used on wounds, and it’s being studied for topical applications for burns, injuries, and gunshot wounds. Studies in humans and animals show that bromelain helps slough off dead tissue from wounds and burns. Other studies show it promotes healing when applied topically to second- and third-degree burns.

4. Helps Insect Bites and Stings

Bromelain bulk powder may be applied topically to reduce swelling and discomfort associated with itchy insect bites and stings. Traditionally, a pineapple was used to help with insect bites as well as snake venom in South America, and there are patents associated for its use for these purposes.

5. Assists After Sports Injuries

Studies show that bromelain powder bulk may speed up healing time after a physical or sports injury. Taking it has been linked to reduced swelling from sprains, strains, bruises, and other minor muscle injuries.

6. Helps Relieve Bone Discomfort

Pure bromelain powder may also help relieve occasional bone and joint discomfort. In fact, it is a common ingredient in most natural supplements for sore joints and muscles.

7. Soothes Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids

Because it has positive effects on swelling, irritation, and wound healing, bromelain is used in alternative medicine to soothe hemorrhoids and other conditions of the veins.

8. Digests Mucus in Lungs and Nose

Several studies suggest that bromelain may help reduce coughing and lessen mucus related to sinusitis, as well as reduce the swelling and redness that accompany hay fever.[9, 10] The German Commission E approved the bromelain enzyme for aiding imbalances of the ear, nose, and throat that occur after surgery, and for reducing general sinus infection swelling.

9. Normalizes Indigestion and Heartburn

Because of its protease capacities, this enzyme may normalize digestive processes, particularly helping with indigestion and heartburn. Studies show that it is particularly effective when used in combination with other enzymes like amylase (which digests carbohydrates) and lipase (which digests fat). Other studies show bromelain has reduced bloating and gas.

10. Balances the Acidity of the Stomach

Research shows that pure bromelain powder can help balance the acidity of the stomach, as well as the alkalinity of the small intestine. A recent lab study confirms that this enzyme may help ease harmful organism related diarrhea.[12] Another study suggests that it may be an up-and-coming natural remedy for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

11. Boosts Overall Immune Health

Bromelain may boost overall immune strength in the human body. One German clinical study found that oral supplementation of bromelain could help stimulate immune function in women. Other studies suggest that commercial preparations with multiple proteolytic and non-proteolytic enzymes may boost the amount of certain immune system hormones, called cytokines (made in white blood cells). Recent studies suggest that bromelain may help relieve some of the standard cancer side effects related to lowered immunity.

12. Keeps Blood Flowing Normally

Several laboratory (in vitro) and human (in vivo) studies suggest that bromelain may stop blood platelets from forming clots inside the body, which can minimize the impacts of severe heart and brain conditions in which clotting can be a concern.This is exciting research on bromelain’s effects on heart and brain health.

13. Repels Harmful Organisms

A review of multiple studies suggest that bromelain possesses action against harmful organisms, and it may be effective for ailments resulting from their presence. Used in conjunction with antibiotics, bromelain and enzyme therapy worked wonders in cases related to lung and urinary health.

bromelain uses

Bromelain Powder Bulk Application:

1. Pharmacy & HealthCare Industry: Prevent cardiovascular disease; To stimulate immune;Anti-inflammatory: Treatment of inflammation and edema;Inhibit tumor cell growth;To be used for burns

2. Food industry: Biscuits pine agent, stabilizer noodles, beer & beverage clarifying agent, advanced oral liquid, health food, soy sauce and alcoholic fermentation agent etc;

3. Feed Industry: Greatly improve the utilization rate and conversion rate of protein Develop a wider protein source Reduce production cost

4. Beauty and Cosmetic industry:Aqua-supplement & tender Whiten skin, removing beverage.

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