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Ajuga Turkestanica Extract

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract

Product Name:Ajuga turkestanica extract
Active ingredient:Turkesterones
Latin Name:Radix et Rhizoma Rhei L.
Specification:10:1(this pro is)/20:1/ 2%,10% Turkesterones
Part Used:Whole herb
Type of extraction:Alcohol&Water
Test Method:HPLC
Shelf time:2years
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
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What is Ajuga Turkestanica Extract?

Ajuga Turkestanica extract is a popular supplement among natural bodybuilders!

This Ajuga Turkestanica extract that comes from a plant that is full of ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids have strong characteristics that can make a positive contribution to athletes and bodybuilders. This Ajuga Turkestanica extract contains 2% turkesterone. This means this is a very powerfull Ajuga extract and can not be compared with the standard Ajuga powders.

ajuga turkest extract

Basic Information:

Moisture Content

NMT 5.0%

5g / 105℃ / 2hrs

Ash Content

NMT 5.0%

2g / 525℃ / 3hrs

Heavy Metals

NMT 10ppm

Atomic Absorption

Arsenic (As)

NMT 1ppm

Atomic Absorption

Cadmium (Cd)

NMT 1ppm

Atomic Absorption

Mercury (Hg)

NMT 0.1ppm

Atomic Absorption

Lead (Pb)

NMT 2ppm

Atomic Absorption

Sterilization Method

High Temperature & High Pressure for short time (5” – 10”)

Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold

NMT 1000cfu/g

E. Coli








Packing and Storage

Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kg/drum.

Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.

Shelf Life

2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

ajuga benefits

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract Benefits:

1.Muscle Growth

Ajuga turkestanica extract is the big man on campus in the bodybuilding world, known for its ability to promote lean muscle growth. So does it really work? So far, studies say yes.

The ajuga plant contains phytoecdysteroids, plant compounds with health benefits (x). One of these compounds is called turkesterone, and it’s one of the most important components in ajuga.Preliminary studies show that turkesterone not only builds muscle, but also maintains it in the long term. One study showed that turkesterone effectively maintained the integrity of aged skeletal muscles (x)(x).

From a bodybuilding standpoint, turkesterone offers a safe alternative to performance-enhancing drugs like anabolic-androgenic steroids—the scary stuff you hear about in gym changing rooms. Ecdysteroids like turkesterone are structurally different from anabolic steroids and therefore work differently, with fewer risks (x).

2.Post-Workout Recovery

Your post-workout blend should fight fatigue and promote faster recovery. Ajuga does both –and more. The anabolic properties of ajuga turkestanica benefit workout recovery by repairing your muscles after you hit the gym (x). Turkesterone works its magic particularly well after resistance training, speeding up muscle tissue repair. It has also shown promise in stimulating protein biosynthesis, supporting the theory that it can be an important addition to a well-rounded post-workout regimen (x).

3.Boosts Immunity

Cold and flu season can do a number on your immune system, especially if you’re trying to keep up with your strength training schedule. Working out when you’re under the weather isn’t the best way to get better, and it definitely doesn’t do you any favors, either.

When you feel down for the count, immune-boosting supplements like ajuga could get you back in fighting form. Ajuga turkest extract powder contains plant compounds called ecdysteroids that may help improve immune function (x). When applied topically, it may also heal wounds like minor cuts, scrapes, burns and blisters (x).

ajuga turkest extract powder

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract Application:

1) Treatment for contagious hepatitis.

2) Have the function of cure of body week and body heat.

3) Have the function of removing pathogenic heat from blood.

4) Treatment for pepper hair and dermexanthesis.

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