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Hibiscus Extract

Hibiscus Extract

Product Name:Hibiscus Extract
Botanical Name: Hibiscus sabdariffa L.
Anthocyanidins 1%, 2%, 5% UV
Extract Ratio: 4:1, 10:1, 20:1
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What is Hibiscus Extract?

When we talk about hibiscus extract, the first image people associate with the name is the bright red flower, which makes for a wonderful decoration but doesn’t have any medicinal benefits. This bright red flower is Hibiscus Ascetosella, used mainly for decoration purposes. The hibiscus flower that has immense medicinal applications is called Hibiscus Sabdariffa and is extremely beneficial in multiple forms with the applications of the flower, fruit, and seeds ranging far and wide.

The biggest application of hibiscus sabdariffa in modern times comes from the calyx of the flower, which is used to make tea. Hibiscus tea has long been hailed for the numerous health benefits it offers for the human body, without adding any calories or caffeine. The most common name used for hibiscus tea is Roselle.

hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract

Basic Information:

Product Namehibiscus flower extract
AppearanceDark violet fine powder
Odor & tasteCharacteristic
Loss on drying≤ 5%
Ash content≤ 8%
Particle size100% through 80 mesh
Chemical control
Lead ( Pb )≤ 0.2 mg/L
Arsenic ( As )≤ 1.0 mg/kg
Mercury ( Hg )≤ 0.1 mg/kg
Cadmium ( Cd )≤ 1.0 mg/kg
Residual pesticide
666 (BHC )Meet USP requirements
DDTMeet USP requirements
PCNBMeet USP requirements
Bacterial population
Molds & yeasts≤ NMT1,000cfu/g
Escherichia coli≤ Negative

hibiscus flower benefits

Hibiscus Extract Benefits:

1. Packed With Antioxidants

Animal studies have found that hibiscus extract has antioxidant properties. Additional studies are needed to determine how this may translate to humans.

2. May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Some studies have found that hibiscus tea may lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. However, it should not be taken with hydrochlorothiazide to prevent an interaction.

3. May Help Lower Blood Fat Levels

Some studies have shown that hibiscus extract powder may reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides in those with diabetes and metabolic syndrome. However, other studies have produced conflicting results. More research is needed in the general population.

4. May Boost Liver Health

Human and animal studies have found that hibiscus extract may benefit liver health by increasing drug-detoxifying enzymes and reducing liver damage and fatty liver.

5. Could Promote Weight Loss

A few human and animal studies have associated the consumption of hibiscus extract with decreased body weight and body fat, but more research is needed.

6. Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer

Test-tube studies have found that hibiscus extract reduces the growth and spread of plasma, mouth, prostate and stomach cancer cells. Human studies are needed to evaluate the effect of hibiscus tea.

7. Could Help Fight Bacteria

Test-tube studies have found that hibiscus extract could fight certain strains of bacteria. More research is needed to determine how hibiscus tea may affect bacterial infections in humans.

8. Flavorful and Easy to Make

Hibiscus extract powder can be made by steeping hibiscus flowers in boiling water for five minutes. It can be consumed hot or cold and has a tart taste that is often sweetened with honey or flavored with lime.

Hibiscus Benefits


1. Food additives;

2. Pharmaceutical;

3. Cosmetic;

4. Beverage.

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