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Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum Oil

Product Name:Helichrysum Oil
Latin Name:Polygonum Cuspidatum
Part Used:Flower
Appearance:Brown Yellow Fine liquid
Application :Cosmetic

What is Helichrysum Oil?

Helichrysum oil comes from the Helichrysum italicum plant, which is by and large tracked down in the Mediterranean and southern Europe. The helichrysum oil can be tracked down in all green pieces of the plant, including stems and leaves. Dried blossoms from the plant can likewise be utilized for restorative purposes.

Helichrysum oil for skin is additionally called curry plant on the grounds that its leaves has areas of strength for a like smell.

Helichrysum oil is a typical, generally involved medication in the locale wherein it develops. It apparently has mitigating, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Nonetheless, while in-lab and creature studies are promising, there is little examination on its viability in people.

helichrysum oil for skin

Basic Information:

ItemSpecificationTest result
High Quality 10:1 High Purity Helichrysum Arenarium Extract

AppearanceBrown Yellow PowderConforms
Loss on Drying≤5.0%Conforms
Particle size95% pass 80 meshConforms
Chemical Control

Heavy metalsNMT 10ppmConforms
ArsenicNMT 2ppmConforms
LeadNMT 2ppmConforms
CadmiumNMT 2ppmConforms
MercuryNMT 2ppmConforms
Microbiological Control

Total Plate Count10,000cfu/g MaxConforms
Yeast & Mold1,000cfu/g MaxConforms

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Helichrysum Oil SKIN Benefits:

A survey done by the Wellbeing Sciences Exploration Center at the College of Beira in Portugal found that helichrysum oil's flavonoids and terpene compounds were viable against hazardous microbes like Staphylococcus aureus that can cause a scope of wellbeing worries from minor skin rashes to serious, dangerous heart complexities. On account of its mitigating properties, individuals additionally prefer to involve helichrysum medicinal balm for scars to deter aggravation and empower ideal mending. The oil likewise has hostile to allergenic properties, making it an extraordinary normal solution for hives. (6)

To involve helichrysum oil rejuvenating ointment for relieving and mending the skin, join with a transporter oil like coconut or jojoba oil and rub the combination onto the area of worry for hives, redness, scars, imperfections, rashes and shaving bothering. In the event that you have a rash or toxic substance ivy, applying helichrysum blended in with helichrysum oil for skin can help cool and calm any tingling.

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