Curcumin is expected to become the backbone of sports nutrition
Jun 29, 2018

Among the various health-related effects associated with exercise, consumers are more aware of joint health and pain& inflammation support. In the United States, for example, curcumin ranks third among the top 10 best-selling raw materials for healthy joints fromnatural channels. Curcumin also came in third place among the top 10 joint health ingredients sold through specialty food channels. Curcumin ranks sixth among the top 10 heal thiest ingredients sold through multiple channels. Curcumin ranks first in pain and inflammation support, natural channels and specialty food channels

The application of curcumin in sports nutrition has attracted more and more attention, but it is still a small number of products. There will be more and more market opportunities for products that want to solve the problems of physical function and physical recovery. Given that consumers are increasingly turning transparent sports nutrition formula,the demand for natural products, plant sources of curcumin, which will be moreeasily accepted by consumers, and a large number of clinical studies and evidence more deepen the trust of consumers. 

Various well-known curcumin product developers on the positive research of curcumin and sports related health benefits as well as related products in the development of positive solutions,and actively promote the role of curcumin in sports nutrition, such as in Vitafoods Europe exhibition held in not long ago, Omni Active isspecially introduced curcumin  for nutritional health benefits, and shows its market potential in the field of sports nutrition, content involves blood flow and circulation,muscle performance, endurance and anti-fatigue, etc., these are the key to improve performance and support the positive lifestyle factors.

Currently, sports - related curcumin health care products have been launched in European and American markets. With the deepening of the research and the positive development of the developers, inthe future,curcumin is expected to become the backbone of the new generation of sports nutrition!

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