The Effect Of The Honeysuckle Flower Extract
May 30, 2018

 The honeysuckle leaves and flowers were used as raw materials to add the leaf and flower alcohol extracts to edible oils and fats. The Schaal oven method was used to evaluate the antioxidant activity of the honeysuckle leaves and flower alcohol extracts against edible oils. effect. The results showed that honeysuckle and leaf alcohol extracts could significantly inhibit the oxidation of corn oil, soybean oil, lard oil and peanut oil, and flower extracts were significantly superior to leaf extracts. The antioxidant capacities of the four oils range from strong to weak: soybean oil> lard = corn oil> peanut oil. The antioxidant activities of the flower alcohol extracts were leaf ethanol extract, 2,6-dibutyl-butyl-methylphenol (BHT), tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), Citric acid, ascorbic acid 1.12, 1.33, 1.19, 2.31, 1.40 times, the antioxidant activity of leaf alcohol extracts and TBHQ equivalent. The antioxidant activity of the flower and leaf ethanol extracts increased with increasing concentrations. The synergistic effect of the alcohol extracts from TBHQ, citric acid, BHT, and ascorbic acid increased their antioxidant capacity by 19%, 13%, 9%, and 1%, respectively. The antioxidant capacity of leaf ethanol extracts increased by 18%, 12%, and 27%, respectively, with citric acid, BHT, and TBHQ.

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