NMN Dosage
Apr 25, 2021

NMN Dosage

What dosage of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) should I take in 2020? The world of anti aging is taking off thanks to researchers such as David Sinclair. NMN bulk powder however is expensive, so this video goes through all the latest research to figure out if NMN actually works and the ideal dose.

NMN has gained a lot of attention lately, especially after the release of David Sinclair’s book Lifespan. In his book, the Ph.D. and longevity scientist discusses his research examining NMN, particularly in mice. He has been very open about taking NMN, but has also made it clear that he has no opinion on whether anyone else should take the supplement. Similar to NR, the research in animal studies looks promising, but the first study in humans was only published this year. Phase I of this study merely assessed the safety of NMN supplementation, and therefore NAD+ levels were not even measured. Ten healthy Japanese men received a single dose of 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg of NMN on separate occasions. All quantities were tolerated without adverse side effects. The authors concluded that up to 500mg of NMN is safe in healthy men. For phase II, researchers will reportedly examine the efficacy of NMN, as well as appropriate dosage and frequency; however, it remains unclear if this study has started.

Other ongoing human trials (like this one) will examine the safety and effects of NMN in older adults, while this one will investigate NMN’s impact on cardiovascular and metabolic functions. But, similar to NR, research is preliminary and more studies are needed to draw further conclusions.

NMN dosage sinclair

NMN dosage sinclair

NMN + Resveratrol: 1 g of NMN and 0.5 g of resveratrol every morning mixed in with some yogurt

David never shares brand names, but we know and trust 2 in particular:

Elysium Basis: NR/pterostilbene Combo, NR is a smaller variant of NMN that has been shown to be better at entering cells

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Thorne ResveraCel: 300mg NMN + 150mg Resveratrol + 250mg Quecitin

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NMN Dosage for Dogs

NMN Dosage for Dogs

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a key precursory metabolite of NAD+, has been shown to elevate the cellular level of NAD+ and ameliorate various age-related diseases. Despite these progresses, systemic evaluation pertaining to the subacute toxicity of NMN remains to be determined. Here, we examine the subacute toxicity of NMN in mice and beagle dogs. Mice were gavaged with a saturated concentration of NMN solution at the maximum intragastric dose once or twice per day for 7 days. Dogs were gavaged twice per day for 14 days. In mice, NMN powder bulk administrated once per day for 7 days is well tolerated with minimal deleterious effects. Upon higher dosage, we observe slightly increased level of alamine aminotransferase, while other biomarkers remain unchanged. Consistently, administration of NMN in beagle dogs only results in mild increases in creatinine and uric acid. Together, our study highlights the safety of NMN, providing a possible safe dose range for oral administration of NMN.

NMN Dosage fertility

Increasing maternal age and subsequent infertility have rapidly become a significant challenge to family planning, as a result of the irreversible decline in female fertility in mammals. The rate-limiting factor for successful pregnancy is oocyte quality, which significantly declines from late in the third decade of life in humans (De Vos et al., 2014; Sauer, 2015). Despite the enormous demand, there are no clinically viable strategies to either preserve or rejuvenate oocyte quality during aging, which is defined by the capacity of the oocyte to support meiotic maturation, fertilization, and subsequent embryonic development. A non-invasive, pharmacological treatment to maintain or restore oocyte quality during aging would alleviate a rate-limiting barrier to pregnancy with increasing age that has driven demand for assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is invasive, carries health risks (Kumar et al., 2011), is expensive, and has a limited success rate.

Dr sinclair nmn dosage

As an academic, David is unable to give medical advice, and the truth is we don’t know in humans what works or is minimum. David takes 750mg to 1g NMN a day, usually with breakfast, but that doesn’t mean he recommends it. Part 2 of Lifespan references and discusses the merits of specific clinical trial data and how differences between people affect outcomes, and on page 302 onward he discusses good manufacturing practices (GMP) and his regimen, dosage questions.

NMN vs NR dosage

NMN vs NR dosage

Whenever an individual starts consuming a supplement, safety is a primary concern. According to studies performed thus far, no safety concerns exist for NMN or NR consumption. The following will review a few studies of safety of NMN and NR.

Studies of NMN safety

A study of men in Japan finds no safety concerns following a single, oral administration of NMN at doses of up to 500 mg. Scientists in this study find no changes in heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, or body temperature. As the authors of the study state, “The single oral administration of NMN was safe and effectively metabolized in healthy men without causing any significant deleterious effects.”

Studies of NR safety

Studies have demonstrated safety of NR as well.

A study of NR in humans finds NR administration in overweight, but otherwise healthy men and women, entails no safety concerns following long-term administration. The scientists give up to 1000 mg doses to these men and women. The scientists administer the NR to these adults for eight weeks in this study.

Since studies demonstrate safety of NMN and NR, what about their efficacy? One can use ‘bioavailability’ as an indicator of efficacy. Bioavailability includes measuring how supplementation with NMN or NR increases blood levels of these molecules and/or blood levels of NAD+ after administration.

High dosage nmn

The lethality of these high doses of NAM can be attributed to osmotic shock from the hypertonic solution rather than to biochemical effects.

In rodents, administration of high doses of NAM caused liver steatosis and kidney hypertrophy, effects that were attributed to depletion of methyl donors [111]. Furthermore, dietary intake of 1 or 4 g/kg of NAM altered the expression of genes involved in methyl metabolism in rats.

NMN Side Effects

nmn side effects

Nicotinamide riboside is likely safe with few — if any — side effects.In human studies, taking 1,000–2,000 mg per day had no harmful effects.

However, most human studies are short in duration and have very few participants. For a more accurate idea of its safety, more robust human studies are needed.Some people have reported mild to moderate side effects, such as nausea, fatigue, headaches, diarrhea, stomach discomfort and indigestion.

In animals, taking 300 mg per kg of body weight (136 mg per pound) daily for 90 days had no harmful effects.What’s more, unlike vitamin B3 (niacin) supplements, nicotinamide riboside should not cause facial flushing.

NMN empty stomach

To get the most health benefits of NMN you want to be sure to take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Clean NMN™ is designed to be taken sublingually to prevent stomach acid from destroying its active components. Optimal benefits will be seen after taking the product for at least 6 months, which allows time for the regeneration of NAD+.

NMN can help if you are looking to live your healthiest and most active life well into old age. Clean NMNTM provides the purest, safest, most effective way to get your daily dose of this incredible anti-aging compound.

How long for nmn to start working

How long for nmn to start working

Youth & Earth's NMN increases the level of NMN in your body within minutes, while NAD+ levels are increased within 60 minutes. However, for the NAD+ to start rejuvenating your cells, it generally takes a few weeks.

Most users report that they feel younger and healthier within 2 to 3 weeks. The complete benefits of NMN can be felt after a few months of use—but you’ll already feel the difference within a few weeks!

NMN Weight Loss

As people age, they gain weight. In a 2016 study, it was found that subjects given NMN saw their fat mass decrease and lean mass increase. By supplementing with NMN, you can lose weight and build muscle—two powerful ways to improve muscle health and look and feel younger!

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