Nov 05, 2019

1.Chlorella Powder Manufacturers Supply Food Grade Spirulina Powder

The main difference between chlorella and spirulina, to say the main difference between chlorella and spirulina, it is necessary to mention the green algae and cyanobacteria, the green algae are freshwater algae, the representative plants are chlorella, the cyanobacteria are salty. Algae, the representative plant is spirulina, so it is not the same thing that chlorella and spirulina are completely different.Biotin, chlorophyll, folic acid, etc. in chlorella are much higher than spirulina. It is especially important that scientists have discovered in recent years that chlorella is unique and CGF is not a special functional component. (Active growth factor). The chlorophyll content of chlorella is 2000~7000mg, which is much higher than 800~1200mg of spirulina. It is the plant with the highest chlorophyll content in nature. The molecular structure of chlorophyll and the molecular structure of hemoglobin are similar, and it is known as the "cleaner" in the intestines, kidneys, lungs and blood. Chlorophyll maintains the concentration of calcium in cells and in the body, strengthens the teeth, prevents gum bleeding, and repairs gum tissue. Therefore, for children who do not want to eat green vegetables and difficult elderly people, chlorella is the best product to supplement folic acid.

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