Nov 12, 2019

1. Jujube powder raw materials, taste and application

Jujube powder is made of high-quality golden silk jujube as raw material and processed by advanced technology. The jujube is rich in flavor and pure in taste, and it retains the nutrients of golden silk jujube to the maximum extent, and is rich in various amino acids necessary for human body. Vitamins and minerals, also rich in CAMP and CGMP, have a variety of health functions.Please feel free to contact us or send an Email to herbext @

(1) Taste: strong jujube, pure taste, fine powder

(2) Nutritional effect: The nutrients of the golden silk jujube are retained to the utmost extent, which is necessary for the human body.

(3) A variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, also rich in CAMP and CGMP, with a variety of health functions.

(4) Scope of application: convenient seasoning, baked goods, fruit powder, ice cream, ice cream, jelly, juice, solid beverage, milk beverage.

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