How To Buy Feed Grade Chlorella Powder
Mar 05, 2020

1. Chlorella powder feed grade

Chlorella powder is made by deep processing of chlorella. Among them, chlorella is a kind of universal unicellular green algae, which is rich in protein, polysaccharide, lipid, chlorophyll, vitamins, trace elements and some biologically active metabolism. The product has a variety of health functions such as improving balance, supplementing comprehensive nutrition, detoxifying, regulating immunity, repairing cells, etc. It can be used as a high-quality protein source in the feed industry. It is

currently used for fish farming and water purification, as well as the development of medical uses and health foods.

High Standard Protein Chlorella Powder

2. Chlorella powder can be used as feed additive

Chlorella powder is used as a feed additive. Chlorella powder contains protein, amino acids and various nutritional indicators with a high protein content of 63.6%, which is close to the protein content of fish meal, which is superior to other protein sources. Chlorella powder is rich in amino acids and has a variety of varieties, containing 18 Kinds of amino acids, including essential amino acids required by 8 kinds of animals, the total amino acid (TAA) reached 55.93%, of which the content of essential amino acids (EAA) was 23.34%, which was close to corn protein meal (25.47%) and fish meal (23.61%), higher than soybean cake (16.43%) and beer yeast (21.83%); compared with soybean cake in feed, the amino acid content has advantages (see Table 3); methionine and cystine The content is low and it is a restricted amino acid, which shows that chlorella powder is an excellent plant protein source.

Chlorella powder feed supplier

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