How Does Yeast β-glucan Capture Young People Who Are Keen On “Health”?
Apr 28, 2019

As an important food and industrial microorganism, yeast has become an indispensable part of current production and life with its special flavor characteristics, nutritional value and functional properties. A large amount of β-1,3/1,6-glucan present in the yeast cell wall has been shown to have physiological functions such as enhancing immunity, anti-tumor, anti-virus, regulating blood lipids, lowering cholesterol, and promoting wound healing. The EU and China (2010) have approved yeast beta-glucan as a new food ingredient, allowing it to be added to various foods such as dairy products, functional drinks, baked goods, and confectionery. In 2012, Ministry of Health No. 6 announced that the use of yeast β-glucan has been extended to larger infant formula.Undersun Biomedtech Co., LTD professional food grade raw material manufacturer, the product has passed the USDA organic certification and the eu ECOCERT organic certification, welcome new and old customers to inquire.please feel free to contact us or send an email  to



Because yeast β-glucan not only has a good effect of enhancing immunity, but also has a fat-like mouthfeel, it can be used as a low-calorie food additive in fat desserts such as salad dressings and cheese analogs. Wide application value.

From the source, cereal beta-glucan will continue to occupy a major share of the glucan market, with the fastest growth in North America and Europe. As an important source of β-glucan, yeast is expected to become the world's second largest source of β-glucan in 2022. According to a survey by Transparency Market Research (TMR), global yeast extract and beta-glucan market revenues will reach $1.05 billion by 2021, compared to $720 million in 2016, while North America and The Asia-Pacific region will be brighter than Europe.

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