High Quality Siberian Ginseng Extract
May 16, 2019

Siberian Ginseng, also known as the root of the root or the root of life, is a spiny shrub with a carrot-like root belonging to the Araliaceae plant. It is native to East Asian countries such as China.

It is sometimes called acanthopanax or Siberian Ginseng Extract. Although the shape is similar, it cannot be confused with Chinese ginseng or American ginseng. They belong to completely different varieties.


Siberian ginseng grows in alpine weeds or coniferous shrubs. This herb has a strong adaptability to a variety of different types of soil and can survive in sunny or partially shaded areas, but not in a completely shady environment.

Westerners have only recently added this ginseng to natural medicines, but it is easy to confuse them with Chinese ginseng. These two herbs actually have different compound ingredients, but the effects are similar.

Ginseng has become one of the most popular additives in multivitamins, energy drinks, tea, chewing gum and snacks, claiming that it offers a variety of benefits. But it's worth noting that most Americans don't know the difference between ginseng varieties. These varieties are promoting their advantages, very confusing.Please feel free to contact us or send An email to herbext @

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