Ginger to Ginger Extract
Jun 21, 2019

According to customs export data, in the past 2017, ginger extract ranked in the top 50 in terms of export value of plant extracts. The export name is mostly ginger extract powder, ginger extract, gingerol, gingerol and ginger flavonoids.

Ginger variety and origin

Ginger originated in Southeast Asia. Chinese ginger has a long history of cultivation and abundant resources. There are many local varieties, including Shandong Laiwu Pie, Jiang, Laiwu Dajiang, Guangdong Shuanda Dawei Jiang, Guangdong Miele Roasted Ginger, Zhejiang Linping Red Claw Ginger. Jiangxi Xingguo Jiang and Shaanxi Chenggu Huangjiang.

Different origins, the composition of ginger is slightly different due to climate and soil. At this point, everyone should pay attention to the ID identification of the product and the TLC of the thin layer chromatography. The source of the reference material must be consistent with the origin of the raw material. Avoid unnecessary troubles.

Ginger powder

Ginger powder or ginger dry powder mainly refers to the powder that is sifted after the ginger is dried. Here are three points:

The first point is the drying method. Fresh ginger contains a lot of valuable volatile oil, so it is better to use dry and dry. Other methods such as heating and blasting will cause the loss of volatile oil to be more serious.

The second point is the mesh number of the sieve, because the raw powder is crushed with plant raw materials, so it contains a lot of wood fiber, which is not easy to be sieved. Usually, the manufacturers have 20-60 mesh. Please pay attention to this when making product information. .

The third point is the solubility of the raw meal. The raw meal contains a large amount of wood fiber, so the water-soluble or alcohol-soluble will appear turbid, and there are a large number of fibrous floats or sediments. The water-soluble is generally a floating matter, and the alcohol-soluble is generally a precipitate.

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