Where is the best cocoa extract to buy?
Sep 04, 2019

The cocoa extract is a chocolate-flavored bitter mixture consisting of xanthine molecules (theobromine and caffeine) and proanthocyanidins. Supplementing cocoa extract provides cardiovascular and cognitive effects by improving blood flow and antioxidant effects. Supplementing cocoa extract or eating dark chocolate can improve blood flow and improve insulin sensitivity. Epidemiological studies of the potential protective effects of cocoa flavanol intake on stroke in the diet. The study found that the visual memory recognition computerized test of the high flavanol group had an improvement of 630 ms compared with the low flavanol group, and exercise had no significant effect; this improvement corresponds to an increase in dentate gyrus function. The human evidence to date about the effects of cocoa on memory or learning is mixed and may affect the visual memory of high dose cocoa flavanols taken for 3 months.


In vitro evidence suggests that cocoa flavanols may inhibit fat absorption by inhibiting the activity of two key enzymes in the process. The cocoa extract inhibits pancreatic lipase with an IC50 of 47-172.4 μg/mL and the inhibition intensity is proportional to the amount of flavanol used in the cocoa type.

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