Biopesticide matrine
Jul 30, 2018

Application of matrine in agriculture

 Matrine is used in agriculture to achieve broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, no pollution to the environment, and low killing power to natural enemies. Mainly used for food and cash crops such as fruit trees, vegetables and cotton. The performance on the fruit tree is:

(1) Wide spectrum of insecticides, broad-spectrum killing pests such as scale insects, red spiders, pear hibiscus, leaf miner, aphids, leaf curlers, heartworms, chafers, and cockroaches on fruit trees. The efficiency is over 95%.

(2) The long-lasting effect period is about 10-15 days, which is more than double the period of general chemical potency.

(3) It is safe to use, can be used in flowering and young fruit period, does not cause phytotoxicity to fruit trees, and does not produce fruit rust on young fruits.

(4) Good comprehensive control effect, not only broad-spectrum insecticide, but also strong antibacterial effect on powdery mildew, spotted leaf disease, and pear tree scab. In particular, after spraying, the leaves are black and green, and the growth is strong. The fruits produced are large, fruit-faced, and have high economic value, and the yield increase is about 20%. It has the characteristics of labor saving, saving money, worrying, safety, environmental protection and high efficiency. Therefore, the product has been vigorously promoted and used in major fruit areas across the country. The order of use is obvious in the order of peach, pear, pomegranate, apple, jujube, citrus, etc.

 The application of matrine in agriculture is characterized by high-efficiency broad-spectrum, low-toxicity and no residue, which fully demonstrates the advantages of biological pesticides from chemical pesticides. It indicates that biological pesticides are gradually developing and growing, and will become the main trend of pesticide development in the future!

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