best liquid turmeric extract
May 15, 2019

Based on the property that turmeric extract can be uniformly dispersed in water systems, Hou said that it can be applied to many fields such as beverages, dietary supplements, nutritional bars and candy manufacturing. From the perspective of the market, according to Google data, since 2004, the search volume of turmeric has increased significantly, showing a prosperous situation.

The main reason for the continued growth of the curcumin market is consumer awareness of the multiple health benefits of curcumin. Among the new food and beverage products, United Health claims to be the fastest-growing, with curcumin as a raw material, with a compound annual growth rate of 82% (2013-2017), and the demands for sports recovery and immune health are also growing rapidly. The compound annual growth rate reached 51% and 48% respectively (2013-2017).


In fact, curcumin-containing beverages are becoming more popular in certain regions, especially in Asia, except that their appearance and taste are not always satisfactory. Liquid curcumin is completely water-fat and is added to the beverage at a lower dose, which gives a good taste and taste. Using the expertise in healthy ingredients, fascinating natural pigments and enticing tastes, Huachen developed this curcumin product that is easily incorporated into beverages and provides a vibrant color. And a comprehensive solution with delicious taste.

Studies have shown that turmeric essential oils help treat depression, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and Alzheimer's disease. Currently, the patent has been strictly enforced in the EU and most countries in the United States to meet the growing needs of the market. Please feel free to contact us or send An email to herbext @

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