About Sports Nutrition, This Time Does Not Mention Protein
May 08, 2019

Natural raw material suppliersare announcing the launch of a new natural ingredient that supports athletic performance, designed to enhance muscle protein synthesis, strength and performance. It is a patented synergistic blend based on Lugen and Rhodiola, whose efficacy has been proven in a comprehensive study of in vitro, in vivo and clinical trials – helping to improve lean tissue in athletes and fitness groups. Undersun Biomedtech Corp is a professional food grade ingredient manufacturer. The products have passed the organic certification of the US Department of Agriculture and the organic certification of the European Union ECOCERT. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Please feel free to contact us or send An email to herbext @


At present, it has been recognized as a non-new food in the EU and can be used as a food supplement, meaning that the group does not need further regulatory approval from the EU. However, application for approval as a new food ingredient in food and beverage is just around the corner.

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