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Quality System

 Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co.,Ltd established an advanced quality control system and an independent laboratory for third-party testing; the quality control of the products depends on advanced testing equipment and high-level technical experts. The effective combination of the two forms Undersun Biomedtech. Rapid and rigorous product quality control capabilities, while strictly controlling its own product quality system, also have the ability to undertake product commissioned inspection services.


1.Quality Control System (QC)

Ensure that key quality indicators such as raw material acceptance, semi-finished products and finished products meet the requirements of quality standards;

Ensure that the equipment, solvents and other indicators used in the production of products meet the requirements of relevant standards;

2. Quality Assurance System (QA)

Ensure that the entire production process meets the requirements of GMP and other related standards;


 Quality is the primary task of Undersund Biomedtech. From the entry of raw materials, the control of the intermediates in the production process, the quality control of the used solvents and auxiliary materials to the quality control of the final products, the strict control of the cGMP requirements, ensuring the quality of the products meets the relevant requirements. The requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

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