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Senna Leave Extract

Senna Leave Extract

Description: Senna leave extract Latin Name: FoliumSennae Specification Ratio: Sennosides 8% Part Used: Leaf Appearance: Brownish yellow powder Test Method: HPLC Main Function 1 Constipation .There are many studies support senna laxative effect. 2 Weight loss. 3 Colon cancer Sennoside seems to...
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Description: Senna leave extract

Latin Name: FoliumSennae

Specification Ratio: Sennosides 8%

Part Used: Leaf

Appearance: Brownish yellow powder

Test Method:  HPLC

Main Function

1  Constipation .There are many studies support senna laxative effect.

2  Weight loss.

3  Colon cancer Sennoside seems to be as an agent for mechanical bowel preparation prior to elective colon cancer surgery.

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