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Raspberry Fruit Extract

Raspberry Fruit Extract

1.Product Code:U-F-020;
3.Test Method:TLC/HPLC;
4.Specifications:5:1 10:1 20:1;
5.Traits:brown red powder;
6.Extraction site: mature fruit;
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Description: Raspberry fruit extract

Latin Name: Rubus idaeus L.

Specification Ratio: 10:1 1%-4%

Part Used: Fruit

Appearance: brown red powder

Test method :TLC/HPLC

Main Function:

1.      Been used throughout history as a supplement, as well as in many medicines.

2.      Be known to be high in antioxidants, which help to keep the body functioning properly despite the advance of age.

3.      Have also been thought to help relax the blood vessels, which can help to avoid heart problems and other disorders.

4.      Has led to an interesting conclusion that raspberries may be a good source of nutrients that can help lead to weight loss.

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