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Mulberry Extract Powder

Mulberry Extract Powder

Description :Mullberry leaf extract powder Latin Name: Morus alba L. Specification Ratio: 10:1 Part Used: Fruit Appearance: brown yellow powder Test method : UV/HPLC
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Description Mullberry leaf extract powder

Latin Name:  Morus alba L.

Specification Ratio: 10:1

Part Used: Fruit  

Appearance: brown yellow powder

Test method : UV/HPLC

Main Function

1. Has the effects in improving the immunity.

2. It contains much fatty acid which can be used to break down fat to reduce blood fat so that it can inhibit the angiosclerosis.

3. It contains fatty acid and tannic acid that can aid digestion.

4.  It also has the effects in blue rinse ,beauty, anti-cancer and the treatment of the anemia.

5. Application: Health care products;Food

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