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Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder

2.Raw material:green tea;
3.Nutritional ingredients:tea polyphenols, theanine;
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Latin Name: Matcha

Specification Ratio: 80 Mesh

Part Used:leaves 

Appearance:Green Powder

Main Function:

 1. Reduce blood pressure,blood sugar,blood lipids

2. With the function of removing radicals and anti-aging;

3. Can enhance the immune function and prevention of colds; 

4. Anti-radiation,anti-cancer, inhibiting the increasing of cancer cell;

5. Used to anti-bacterium, with the function of sterilization and deodorization.

Food: moon cakes, biscuits, melon seeds, ice cream, noodles, matcha chocolate, matcha ice cream, matcha cake, matcha bread, matcha jelly, matcha candy;

Beverages: canned drinks, solid beverages, milk, yogurt, matcha canned drinks, etc;

Cosmetics: beauty products, matcha mask, matcha powder, matcha soap, matcha shampoo, etc.

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