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Diabetes Rehabitation

Diabetes Rehabitation

1.Diabetes rehabitation;
2.mulberry leaf polysaccharide;
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  Freeze-dried mulberry leaves

 Recently, studies have found that a freeze-dried mulberry leaf food has the function of assisting the recovery of insulin's autocrine function, preventing and rapidly alleviating complications, restoring normal metabolism, and fundamentally treating the therapeutic function of diabetes. It is a high-tech product combining natural plants, mulberry leaves and modern bioengineering technology. It can safely and smoothly reduce sugar, not harm the body, and can also regulate internal organs. It is rich in active substances: mulberry leaf polysaccharide, brass, alkaloid DNJ, which can effectively alleviate insulin resistance, improve insulin structure and promote insulin secretion. It breaks the common concept of “single hypoglycemic” in the traditional treatment of diabetes. Through the combination of PEH (islet trophic factor) and RDH (hypoglycemic activity factor) gold, it regulates blood sugar in both directions, nourishes the pancreas and enhances human immunity without any side effects.

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