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Damiana Extract

Damiana Extract

1.Product Code:U-F-022;
3.Test Method:TLC;
4.Traits:Light yellow green powder;
5.Main ingredients: bismuth, organic acid;
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Damiana today is conventionally made into a tea. In herbal medicine, it is used to treat conditions ranging form coughs to constipation to depression. The herbal supplement is reputed to help with fibromyslgia, energy, emphysema, low estrogen, frigidity, hot flashes, impotency, infertility, menopause, parkinson's disease, PMS, inflammation of prostate, Lou Gehrig's disease, and more dealing with reproductive organs in both males and females


Basic Information:

Product name

Damiana Extract

Latin name


Place of Origin

Mexico and in North America

Part used


Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients

Damiana extract

Test Method



10:1 20:1


Pharmaceuticals .Heathcare Products.Dietary Supplements

 Application &Function

1.Has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac.
2.Has anti-depressant properties and helps to boost the overall mood and bring about a general feeling of well-being.
3.Has hormonal balancing properties. It has been shown to help with the hormonal imbalances common with menopause in women.
4 Be also used for treating mood disorders. It helps level hormonal responses and boost mood.
5.Has been used as a central nervous system depressant to help with CNS disorders and modify and control the nervous response.
6.It has been shown to help boost energy and reduce the effects of exhaustion.
7.Constipation is another condition that has been treated with this herb.
8.Traditional uses for damiana include; anti-anxiety, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, cough supressant, mild laxative, digestive stimulant, expectorant, diuretic, and astringent.
1.Improve depression,low estrogen,impotency,prostate inflammation
2.Promote procreation in both male and female
3.It also acted as a sexual stimulant and sedative
4.Damiana used to treat premature ejaculation,urethra infection,neural problems.
5.It promote hormone secretion

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