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Cordyceps Extract

Cordyceps Extract

1.Product Code: U-F-013;
2.Botanical Source: Cordyceps;
4.Specification: 30%-50%;
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Cordyceps extract is a fungus, a special kind of insect and fungi symbiotic organisms. Is a cordyceps fungus mycelium by various modes of infection of bat moth ( Lepidoptera hepialidae bat moth genus ) larvae, with its in vivo organic matter as a nutritional source of energy for parasitic life, through continuous growth and differentiation, final mycelium kink and the formation of child seat out host shell, thereby forming a special worm of the symbiotic organism. The medicinal parts for the sclerotia and its complex. 

Basic Information:

Product name

Cordyceps extract

Latin name

Cordyceps Militaris

Part used


Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients


Test Method



North cordyceps sinensis, north cordyceps   militaris, cordyceps sinensis


Polysaccharides 10%-50%, 10:1            Brown yellow powder


Medicine, food additives


Function & Application:


The health efficacies of Cordyceps sinensis extract are obvious in: 

1. Asthma, allergic rhinitis. 

2. Poor renal function, renal injuries by chemicals. 

3. Chronic bronchitis, coughing. 

4. Poor resistance of respiratory tract, catching flu easily. 

5. Regulating blood pressure (high or low blood pressure).

6. Anti-aging, anti-weakness.

7. The declining of sex drive. 

8. Lowering raised blood lipid levels, strengthening the body's immunity. 

9. Poor function of lungs & kidneys, irregular menstruation.

Application :

1.Applied in cosmetic field,cordyceps sinensis extract is used to reduce chloasma, age pigment and whelk.

2.Applied in food field,cordyceps sinensis extract is used as food additives added into many kinds of product.

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field,cordyceps sinensis extract used as the basic drugs to treat cerebrovascular disease.

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